My Smoothie Formula

October 07, 2014

My Smoothie Formula

There’s no denying it. I just love my non-dairy smoothies.  I always feel so great afterwards.  They are jam packed full of goodness and, because I have made and drank so many over the past two years, I have come to develop my own smoothie formula that I want to share with you.

I have two types of smoothies that I make – snack smoothies and meal smoothies.  The snack smoothies are generally pretty basic, filled with fruit, occasionally some greens and almond milk or coconut water.  However, the meal smoothies are just that, a meal in themselves.  I love having these smoothies for breakfast.  I find nutrient dense, plant-based breakfast smoothies are such a great way to start my day since giving up gluten, dairy and sugar.  I don’t eat cereal any more and I only eat toast when I bake bread myself so smoothies are a convenient and healthy choice for me.

Whilst I tend to mix up my smoothies every day, I do follow some general rules when adding the ingredients.  For me, it’s important to make smoothies that both taste great and provide my body with the fuel it needs to power through the day.

Add some fruit

Pretty much every smoothie I make has fruit in it.  There have been a few occasions where I have made all vegetable smoothies but, truth be told, fruit is an essential component for me.  Adding frozen fruit seems to help make a really creamy and luscious smoothie, which masks the fact that my smoothies don’t have dairy in them.  Frozen banana, frozen mango, frozen pear and frozen berries work brilliantly.  Dates also add creaminess and a wonderful burst of sweetness to smoothies.

I have tried lots of different fruits in my smoothies and I think it’s great to experiment.  Pineapple, peaches, grapes, kiwifruit, apples…you can make some really delicious and interesting flavours with fruits that you might not usually think of adding to a smoothie.

If I had to pick my all time favourite fruit ingredient, it would definitely have to be bananas.  Frozen bananas.  They just work like magic in any smoothie.  They provide such a natural burst of sweetness and create a wonderful creamy texture.  I store them by the dozen in containers in my freezer, all peeled and ready to go.

Choose your liquid

I normally add 1 cup of liquid for my smoothies.  My favourite options are coconut water, filtered water and plant-based milks (like almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, cashew milk and rice milk).  Note that if you haven’t used a lot of frozen fruit you will need to add a handful of ice as well.

Add some protein

I like to add protein to my smoothies, especially in the morning.  I use a plant-based, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free protein powder made from sprouted rice.  I think it’s important to read the labels when buying your protein powder.  Check for added sweeteners and sugar.  If you want a dairy free option, then ensure you pick one that doesn’t contain whey.

I also like to add nuts, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, quinoa flakes, dehydrated buckwheat, sprouted mung beans and sesame seeds for added protein.

Add some greens 

Since completing the 30 day green smoothie challenge, this is something I do every day.  There are so many greens and vegetables to choose from when making a smoothie. Kale and spinach are really popular choices at the moment.  However, I recently learnt the importance of rotating your greens from my naturopath.  Now I aim to get as much variety in my smoothies as possible, so instead of adding just kale or spinach, now I also add lettuce, rocket, parsley, basil, mint, spirulina, barley grass, celery and cucumber, aiming to pick something different every day to give my body lots of variety.

Add some healthy fats

For balance, I like to add some healthy fats to my smoothies.  My favourite choices are avocado and coconut oil.  I normally add a quarter of an avocado or 1 tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil.  Simple!

Add some extra flavours to enhance the overall experience

This is my favourite part when creating my smoothies – adding all the extra flavours to create something special.  This is where you can get really adventurous and experiment with flavours.  I normally add one or two extra flavours because I want to be able to taste them and taste how they work with the fruit and greens.  My favourite additions are raw cacao powder, mesquite powder, maca powder, raw carob powder and lacuma powder.  Each of these additions are special in their own way and provide extra nutrients, antioxidants and goodness to my smoothies.

So that’s my smoothie formula in a nutshell.  Happy blending!


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